About Us

Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage is a coalition uniting the consumer voice with the goal of achieving affordable, high quality care for all. Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage (OCHC) combines the forces of health care consumers and represents hundreds of thousands of consumer voices. Our organizational membership is diverse and represents the healthy and the sick. The insured and the uninsured. Those with resources and those with few resources. But we all agree that the health care system is not working for Ohioans and changes to the health care system cannot come soon enough. Click here for a list of OCHC Leadership Team members and Endorsing Organizations.

We believe that people ought to be able to go to a doctor when they need to and that people who are sick or temporarily out of work shouldn’t risk losing their life savings because of one illness. People are getting squeezed by skyrocketing health care costs, lack of access to the right health care, and outdated insurance rules. Too many Ohioans have to think twice before switching jobs or starting a business because they worry they cannot get insurance. We need comprehensive reform not just band-aids.

Right now, there is a window of opportunity to make great strides in improving our state’s health care system. Our elected officials can now demonstrate true leadership by expanding health care access and improving the health of Ohioans and our state’s economy.

As proposals are debated in Ohio and in our nation, OCHC will make sure the consumer voice is heard as loud as the special interests. Click here to see OCHC’s principles and approaches and building blocks to health care reform.